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Hangers-ON – Our Story so far…

Hi everyone, I have designed and developed these unique laundry aids and produce them at my home in Anna Bay on the Mid North Coast, NSW. If you’re looking for a way to make doing the laundry a little bit easier then this might help!!

These Hangers-ON will hold most styles of coat hangers firmly on your washing line so your clothes can go straight from the machine, to the clothesline and then into the wardrobe. Gets rid of peg marks! Stops clothes falling on the ground and saves space on your line.

Visit my website www.myhangerson.com to purchase.

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Life’s too short for Laundry…

Hangers-ON were born from the need to get the laundry over and done with as quick as possible so I could get on with other things…..As a busy working mum with 3 kids I have always hung the kids T-shirts, and hubby’s work shirts straight onto hangers and hung them on the washing line so I could then take them straight into their rooms and hang them in their wardrobe cutting out the ironing and the folding. Works great with school shirts too!!
However, once the wind got up they would inevitably blow off or bunch up in a group and not dry very well.

Hence the prototyping began with my engineer son, Cameron and Dave from Bright Design Co, a talented local expert in moulding and design and eventually we worked out a design that was strong enough but with the right amount of flexibility and the Hangers-ON were created.

These keep the hanger exactly where you put it on the line – IT WONT BLOW OFF OR SLIP DOWN THE LINE AND BUNCH UP. My laundry life is now even easier.

In this current eco- friendly environment to be able to use the power of the wind efficiently and effectively is fantastic. Less ironing, less power, less pegs needed and no nasty peg marks in expensive tops…

We have been fortunate at this stage to have been able to produce these in Australia so that also makes us smile 🙂 The hangers-ONs are made from high grade Silicone (we tried other material but this was the most suitable).

If you want to know more about my product then pop over to the website http://www.myhangerson.com and take a look. I have a comprehensive FAQ’s page that should answer most of your questions. If you still have more, email me on salesathangerson@gmail.com

Happy Hanging!!