We’ll try and answer your questions here but if there’s anything we’ve missed just drop us a line.

  • What are Hangers-ON made from?
    Hangers on are made from Silicone.
  • How do I attach them to my clothes hanger?
    See here for a simple video showing exactly how they attach.
  • What are the best type of hangers to use?
    Hangers-ON work very well on most types of hangers but our preferred hangers are the plastic ones as they tend to hold tighter and don’t slip at all on the line. We’ve found if you look for the hangers with the little divots or rubber tips on the end they tend to keep the T-shirts with wider necks on the hangers and do up the top button where possible! See our preferred style of hanger.
  • Can I leave them on the washing line permanently?
    Although the Hangers-ON can withstand a fair amount of Australian climate, it is not recommended to leave them on the line permanently if you want to preserve their longevity.
  • Are they made in Australia?
    They sure are, these have been developed and designed in Australia and are produced in Anna Bay on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia.
  • Do you do school/club fundraisers?
    If you are interested in offering Hangers-ON for a school or club fundraiser please get in touch for a fundraising pack. See our Hangers-ON fundraising page for more details.